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Steve Gould. We first met Steve at his 2015 “Polar Opposites” exhibit at Gallery 21 in Spanish Village. Planning to travel to the Arctic we wanted to “up our game” and began working with him. We click with this retired professor and his instruction matched our needs. His nudge convinced Mike that mastering Lightroom was an essential tool in his kit. His photography and life story continues to inspire. We count him and his wife Mary Marshall as friends and role models.

Darkroomers Photo Club. We picked this San Diego Club because of their print gallery at the Photo Arts Building in Balboa Park, and we wanted to improve our printing. After becoming active, and more importantly, we became inspired and challenged by our fellow club members. We enjoyed our first trip to Joshua Tree NP on the eve of the COVID shutdown and look forward to more outings in the future. Thanks to all the officers, especially Angela Andrieux who lead the club through the transition to Zoom meetings and online critiques with energy and grace.

Hugh Rose. We learned about Hugh from Steve Gould who was correct that Hugh is a legendary Alaska tour guide and photographer. He showed us the wonders of Alaska on our Cheeseman’s Ecotour to the North Slope featuring auroras, polar bears and so much of the Alaska wilderness. Four days in a van sounds like purgatory but Hugh's teaching and storytelling made the miles on the Dalton Highway fly by. Hoping to do another tour with Hugh soon. 

Nolan Nitschke. If you photograph the Eastern Sierra eventually you must visit The Sierra Light Gallery in Mammoth Lakes. Nolan’s work has the wow factor that captures your attention. We spent a day with Nolan photographing fall colors and learning more about his post-processing. He is unselfish and enthusiastic about sharing his favorite shooting locations and making his students better practitioners of the photo arts. We visit him on every trip to Mammoth and continue to be inspired by his mastery of the art. 

Geraint Smith. We love New Mexico and were able to spend a day around Taos learning more about great places to photograph and new ways to see the world. His weekly feeds of scenic images from New Mexico and S.W. Colorado continue to inspire. We are looking forward to spending more time with him in the future.

Mike’s Instructors at the San Diego City College Photography Department. The COVID shutdown provided a nudge to take formal instruction in photography and photo history. What a great public resource with a cadre of instructors each with their own photo style and insights. While classes to date have been online, seeing the work of other students both inspires and challenges me. The instructors, especially Dave Eichinger rekindled my interest in black and white as well as film. The insightful critiques of Gary Holly help bring this website to its current state.  Mike's Grossmont College professor, Aaron Serafino greatly advanced the understanding of lighting, editing, and printing.  The only regret, was why did I not return to school sooner?

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